Consulting, marketing research, strategic planning & design

About Us

Alphabrex Ltd. is a boutique consultancy company based in Estonia.

We provide a wide range of services including consulting, marketing research, strategic planning, and design.

Our highly experienced team is dedicated to providing solutions for our clients over various fields and thanks to our years’ practice, we will solve every problem.

All the services we offer are tailor-made, and therefore we are certain that we offer you a solution which will be the most effective in increasing your company’s performance.

One of our specialties includes assisting companies which target Asian markets and while choosing our boutique company, you can be ensured personalized experience in order to guarantee success.


We are responsible, reliable and honest company which will support your business. We have recruited only the most qualified individuals. Our team consists of educated, and committed advisors, which ensures you services provided by well-prepared and experienced employees practicing for many years and delivering excellent projects.

We are an expert in proposing the most beneficial strategic plans for you, implementing extensive, innovative methods of market research and data analysis. We are experts in handling the most difficult projects in our field by being on the leading edge of technology.

At Alphabrex, we are aware that each company has specific needs, which is why we have developed different plans and strategies to meet the expectations and needs, placing the most profitable financial instruments worldwide at your service.


Discover Our Expertise

Market Research

By planning and defining the scope of market research for maximum efficiency, conducting market research both online and offline, we first examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world and then strategize using smart tools and global resources to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make.

Strategic Planing

We provide our clients with a complete, tailor-made service package, and design complete tactical plans for market/ product/ company strategy. We base our solutions on market research and data analysis, providing you with the knowledge to get ahead of the game.

Data Analysis

Implementing advanced methods and tools for data analysis including methods to collect/ extract data, manage, and analyze the data. Transforming data analysis results in conclusions and actions throughout the various levels of the organization.

Marketing technology and Strategy

AI-based marketing performance measurement and improvement algorithms. Learning algorithms that enable you to improve performance, by targeting your marketing activities in order to optimize potential.

Consulting and Advisory Services

In-depth market analysis and customer behavior analysis, enabling us to train your employees and increase customer satisfaction.

Algorithm Design and Implementation

Using advanced data analytics and cognitive technologies, we create tailor-made algorithmic systems according to our clients’ needs and specifications.

Customer Experience Design

Designing a complete approach towards customer experience on all levels of communication including customer support guidelines and training.

Our Values

Our goal is to always provide professional services of the highest quality which will exceed the expectations of our clients.

We work in a motivating environment rewarding high performance, therefore our specialists put the most effort into the assigned tasks.

Our team is supportive and everyone treats each other with respect and openness. We believe that happy employees are a significant contribution to achieving high-quality performance. As a company, we try to be ahead of the current trends, therefore we constantly develop our methods so we can provide the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions to our clients.

We always have in mind what is best for our customers, which results in our services being tailor-made being the advantage of choosing a boutique consultancy company over a larger one as we value quality over quantity.

Parda 5-102, Tallinn, 10151, Estonia

+372 53702836